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Accu-Lube Two-Pump Applicator

The two nozzle Accu-Lube pump applicator is the most popular configuration for industrial operations. The lockable steel box prevents people from tampering with the adjustments in the applicator so you control how much lubricant is applied to the blade when the machine is in operation.

The 110(VAC) electric solenoid for automated on/off control is ideal for wiring into any machinery on/off switch so the lubricant only flows when the machine is running.


Maglube Misting System

Package includes 1 Gallon of LD-300 Lubricant


Mist Coolant Dispenser

Dissipate heat from short machine cycles and avoid waste with a mist of coolant. Dispensers include adjustable air and coolant controls for accurate mixing.

Dispensers with any-which-way nozzles stay in place once positioned.


Cold Gun – Air Coolant System

Cold Gun Aircoolant Systems increase tool life, tolerances and production rates by eliminating heat build-up. The quiet Cold Gun produces cold air at 20°F from compressed air to extend tool life, stop burning, and reduce wheel loading. No moving parts assures maintenance-free operation. The Cold Gun is ideal for dry machining or to replace messy mist systems. Applications include milling, tool and carbide grinding, drill sharpening, plastics machining.